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Standardisation and Legislation with Regard to Ambient Intelligence and Accessibility - Erkki Kemppainen, Kjell Age Bringsrud, Jan Engelen, Chiara Giovannini, Tony Shipley & Hajime Yamada (2008)

Presentations from Vision in Action: Accessibility for All to Next Generation Networks conference - 7th February 2008

Ambient Intelligence - Paving the way... - edited by Dr John Gill (2008)

Involving People With Disabilities in the Standardisation Process - Dr John Gill (2007)

Mobile Videotelephony: Test of 3G telephones - The Swedish Handicap Institute (PDF)

Proceedings of the Extending Horizons conference - 16th January 2007

Cost219ter WG3: Testing and Evaluation - Organisations and Methods - by Anna-Liisa Salminen

Towards an Inclusive Future: Impact and Wider Potential of Information and Communication Technologies - edited by Patrick R. W. Roe

Mobile Devices Heuristic Evaluation Instructions

A Comparison Study between a Heuristic Evaluation Technique and End User Trial for Mobile Phone Accessibility - Edward Chandler, Elizabeth Dixon, Leonor Moniz Pereira and Cristina Espadinha

Short Term Scientific Mission to Sweden - Ilse Bierhoff

List of organisations that test/evaluate telecommunication network services and equipment to be used by disabled and elderly people

Making Life Easier: How new telecommunication services could benefit people with disabilities

EQUAL MEASURES: Closing the Accessibility Gap

COST 219ter Workshop on Scenarios for 2010 - Presentations - Arnhem, March 2004

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